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July 4, 2011

Early Start To The 4th.

Photo Via: Lindahls Foto

I woke up bright and early this morning to run in the annual 5k run that our city holds every year. I rained slightly the whole time, and then afterwards during the award’s ceremony it down poured. The run itself absolutely killed me and at times I was sure that I was just going to keel over right on the course. I did however finish it with a decent time, so I am pleased! I just need to keep a note to self: never do an INSANITY work out video the day before a 5K, because if so you will not have your legs. Thankfully they had bottled water, bananas and grapes at the end (the grapes were frozen, so they were perfect). I an now working on getting my legs back for the rest of the day.

While I be lazy since I got my work out already, I am going to post some patriotic photos! Also, this is pretty much the 5th year in a row that it has rained on the 4th of July. Crazy?! I would love it if the sun would come out and this rain would stop.

May 22, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away.

Photo Via: Only A Memory

At this point I am very over all of this falling rain. Today started out beautiful, it was a great, hot day. I had to work open to close today, so I was jealous of those who could spend the day outdoors. Then all of a sudden the dark gray clouds rolled in, and there was a mad dash to our cars to roll up our windows. Seconds later hail came pelting down then a down pour of rain followed. Haven’t we received enough rain already? Even though I love thunderstorms, I am over them. It is summer time, and I need to be getting my tan on, not running for the nearest shelter to protect me from the rain.

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April 25, 2011

The Rain Can’t Be All That Bad.

Photo Via: ControlSix

I will admit, I am sick of all of this rain. It has continuously rained here for a week now, and shows no sign of letting up. Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst we have faced here in Kentucky, so I will see how it goes.

I do have to admit, purchasing rain boots might of been the best investment I have ever made. Before I transferred here there was no need for them. The campus I was on never had any puddles, I could wear any shoes I wanted, and it was great. Now, here in Kentucky, the campus is as flat as a pancake so the water has no runoff. It just sits forever and a day it seems like, so there are puddles galore, and at times this can be a pain.


Today was my friend Katie’s birthday, (who by the way is going to be my roommate next year). Us girls did all kinds of things for her all day. We went to Walmart and purchased all kinds of candy and goodies (all of the Easter candy was 50% off. SCORE!). Then her current roommate got her out of her room long enough for us to decorate the entire thing. Actually, Katie came back in the middle of our decorating process and I had to keep my fingers on the lock to keep her from unlocking the door to getting in and ruining the surprise. After many attempts to get in, Katie came to the conclusion her door’s lock was broken. Little did she know we were filling her entire room with balloons and streamers. Finally, when we revealed to her our beautiful creation, she was shocked beyond belief. She loved it, but that was only the beginning. We then blindfolded her and drove her to Cheddar’s for dinner. She has not idea where we were taking her, although we kept telling her we were going to the strip club. She was even more surprised when we let her take her blindfold off once we sat her down in the booth. Then we drove back, but she wanted Cold Stone, so we stopped for the princess. Again, little did she know that we had a cookie cake waiting for her back at the dorm. Once we did finally get back home, she was floored that we went above and beyond for her birthday.

To finish off the night we changed into our bathing suits and clothes we didn’t mind ruining and went out into our quad. Since the rain has still yet to subside, a huge puddle has formed in the middle of the quad. It is probably six inches deep and forever wide it seems, so basically it is a mini pond. So all of us girls went sliding, belly diving, splashing, and running into the puddle. It was like we were little kids. So see, you can make all of this gloomy rain fun.

Photo Via: My Good Friend Jordan

April 4, 2011

Help Me Pick Rain Boots.

Photo Via: Target Rain Boots

Photo Via: Endless Shoes

Photo Via: Target Rain Boots

Where I am in Kentucky, it rains/floods constantly. We are actually in a flood warning right now. I have almost gone my entire first year of college without rain boots. Once I got here, I knew I needed them immediately. The only problem I had is that you don’t want to get a pair that someone already has. I have been on a rain boot hunt for a few weeks now and I have narrowed it down to these three, but I am having a problem deciding. I would love it if you could help me out. Which one do you like more? I would love your opinions.

February 17, 2011

Hello Sunshine.

Photo Via: Some Day Soon Six

The snow is melted and the sun is out shining bright, and I love it. This entire week has been in the mid-fifties, which is the perfect soccer weather. I have dusted off my shorts and t-shirts and have been rocking them every day. I am just i hopes that this wonderful weather persists, because it puts me in the best mood. What do you like to do on a nice sunny day?

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