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May 11, 2011

Living The High Life.

Magnificent right? Pure bliss. This is a hotel in Singapore called Marina Bay Sands. The entire complex consists of three hotel towers that are all connected at the top by a skypark. (Not really sure what skypark is? Well, I have pictures, courtisy of Marina Bay Sands, to show you how outrageously awesome a skypark is). Every tower connects at level 23 in order to give all guest access to the skypark. The skypark is designed for a tropical escape, which overlooks the South China Sea and the Singapore skyline.  This hotel hold over 2,500 rooms and suites, which makes it the biggest hotel now in Singapore. The hotel’s great landscaped gardens stretch out throughout a total of 12, 400 meters of area (big enough for three football fields). The lush gardens is home to 250 trees and 650 different plants. The skypark is equipped with a pool, 200 meters from the ground. Could you image swimming at such heights?! All hotel quests have all exclusive access of the 150 meter (in length) infinity swimming pool, which is now the world’s largest outdoor pool presented at that height. To put things into perspective of how massive this hotel and skypark is, the skypark itself longer than the Eiffel Tower and is large enough to be its own park. It extends to form one of the world’s largest public cantilevers.

Photos Via: Marina Bay Sands
 Information Via: Design Boom

Now how about that for a hotel hmm? The architecture of it is pure genious, it is a beautiful structure itself. Actually, all of the designing aspects inside and out are marvelous. I would love to spend even just a night or two there, that would be great! I am curious of how much a stay just per night would be for there, I bet an arm and a leg. Although the arm and a leg almost seems worth it to stay there. How many people do you know that can say they swam 200 feet up in the air? Man, a nice relaxing vacation does sound perfect for right about now!

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March 23, 2011

Road Trip To Nashville.

My family and I took little trip to Nashville for my last few days of spring break. We started out my roaming around downtown Nashville. They have so many little shops, restaurants, bars, and live bands everywhere. I grew up on country music, so being surrounded by it everywhere was unreal. Everywhere you turn there is a new song playing, I loved it. Then my parents planned a visit to a plantation. My brothers and I were not stoked to visit a plantation, because honestly, does it sound exciting? Well, my parents ended up proving our doubts of enjoyment wrong, we had a great time. The walk to the plantation home was amazing, the scenery was wonderful. The plantation home was of Andrew Jackson during his time in office. It was named The Hermitage, and let me tell you, the house was gorgeous. I wish I had pictures to share with you on the inside, but unfortunately you could only take photos outside. The wallpaper and flooring was either all the original, or prints from the original. Every piece of furniture in the house was of the original home, besides two chairs. Every room was more stunning than the next, and every room was bigger than the next.

This was the view from the original entry to the house.

A close up pictures as we are walking up to the front door. I love the tall pillars!

This is the view from the back of the house. Just to the left of it was the smokehouse and the kitchen, but I didn’t get a picture of that.

After the day at the plantation I became extremely ill. So, from here on out I missed out on a lot of the trip. I was able to work up enough strength to venture out with the rest of my family and go to the historic City of Franklin. The city had a variety of shops and boutiques. This one caught my eye, IvyCake. It was a cute, little cupcake shop tucked away at the end of the block. As soon as I saw it I knew I would have to buy a cupcake. I purchased a red velvet cupcake, whom they call Break Up, and it tasted wonderful. The owner was actually featured on Cupcake Wars! She also made all the cupcakes and the cake for Carrie Underwood’s wedding. So, you guys know the cupcakes are excellent!

Our last night spent in Nashville we all went to the Grand Ole Opry. It was unlike anything I have ever seen. So, be sure if you ever head out to Nashville, buy tickets to the Grand Ole Opry. I promise, you will not be disappointed. All of the artist did awesome. Some of my favorites of the night were Craig Morgan, James Wesley, and The Charlie Daniels Band. It was a great night, even though I was sick.

One of the guitars at the entrance of the Opry House.

That was my family trip to Nashville. Oh, and the reason I could not of been quicker with updating all of you is because our hotel had the worst wi-fi ever. It would not connect if it’s life depended on it. How was your break? Or weekend? Well, life in general, how has it been going for you?
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January 17, 2011

Two Days Spent In A Car

This past weekend was one I am so glad (hoping) that I will not have to repeat it ever again, but I will relive it once more as I recap right at this moment.

The fish tank that was in my old dorm. They are the same fish from Finding Nemo. We named them Neems and Doris.

As I have a recently stated in a previous blog I am in college. In the fall of 2010 I enrolled in a college out in St. Louis. The drive from my hometown to the busy city is a good six hour haul – and that is on a good day. When I was first looking for a college I kept telling myself as well as everyone else “I want to get out of this town.” Most of the schools that I visited were out of state, and I know what you are thinking “God damn the tuition for out of state is ridiculous.” You see I am an athlete and I planned on playing soccer in college. I was not going to play anywhere outrageous such as USC or Ohio State, I shot for more of the Division II and NAIA rang. For those of you who are unaware, most D2 and NAIA schools offer a flat tuition rate, meaning zero out of state fee. You gotta love that, right?! Together my family and I went on over twenty college visits and met with just as many coaches. We trekked all over the mid-west in search for a school. My choice was up in the air, until the day we made our venture to my St. Louis’s school campus. Almost instantly I fell in love with the school; there was not one flaw that I could pick out from it.A picture of my old dorm in St. Louis.

Move-in day finally rolled around and I thought that I was where I needed to be, boy was I more than wrong. Within the first month of school I knew it was not where I belonged. Nothing was gelling, and I wanted nothing more than to transfer. I put off facing the fact that I indeed wanted to transfer because I refused to be grouped with the kids that go off to college to only return home within the first month because they would not handle the big bad world. So I road that transferring fence for weeks, until I finally accepted transferring completely. Here’s the catch, I wanted to transfer after the fall and be enrolled in a school by spring 2011.

I will save the long details of everything in-between. I sat down with my parents and decided to go with a school closer to home, but not too close. I still wanted to be my independent self, just as I have always been. This time around the college was a three hour drive..score! That cut my previous time in half. My plans of playing soccer at the college level still remained. I am planning on playing soccer for the college in the oncoming fall, which I am more than trilled.

Now on to my weekend. Finally.

School starts on friday and I just completed all of my paper work in order to transfer, (Let me tell you, transferring is a bitch all in itself). Like I just stated, classes start on friday, and I have yet to move out of my old dorm – in St. Louis. It was go time! My dad, and my younger brother hoped in the car and drove to St. Louis to clean out of what was left in my dorm. We left at the crack of ass and arrived at my old campus and loaded up the car of my remaining dorm essentials in record time. We then piled back into the now tightly packed car to drive down to Kentucky. My new college is located in blue grass state, and our mastermind plan was to drop off my dorm supplies at my aunts house. She lived within miles of my new school, so she would do us the wonderful favor of hanging onto my things until move in day. Well this drive to Kentucky from Missouri is a five hour journey itself.

The car ride was getting to us, we were slowly, but surely, becoming more and more brain dead. Our first sign was from the question my brother asked:

“This town coming up, is it a city or country?” -My Brother.
“It’s a country, right next to Afghanistan.” -My father.
“Really?” -My Brother.
“No dipshit! Are you going to be this stupid your whole life?” -My father.

As you can tell, we needed out of that car. Finally a decade passed and we arrived at my aunt’s humble abode. We then unloaded what we just packed away hours before. Once that chore was done with it was time for some well needed sleep, or so I thought. Instead I stayed up talking to my aunt until two in the morning while my brother and dad were passed out in the other room. Around 1AM my brother came stampeding out of the room like he just saw a ghost. He then belted out “He is crazy, he thinks I am Mom!” Apparently my dad rolled over and put his arm around my brother, which completely freaked my brother out. I belted out with laughter, shit like that would only happen to him. The best part about it, my father had no recollection of it the following morning. Oh, the things we do in our sleep.

The following morning we drove three hours back home. Thank God! Home sweet home. I had never been happier to pull into my own driveway.

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