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May 20, 2011

Yay For Friday!

I saw this commercial the other day and it made me laugh so hard! It is one of the funniest commercials I have seen in awhile. Who needs Superbowl commercials for a good laugh? Have a great weekend everyone!

May 2, 2011

Osama News.

Photo Via: CNN Website

As you more than likely already know Osama Bin Laden was been pronounced dead yesterday. After searching for him for nearly 10 years, the US was finally able to pin point his whereabouts and put the chase to rest. It is a great defeat for America, and I am so happy and proud to be an American. My thank you goes out to every man and woman serving in the military, thank you.

I did turn on the news and watch everything go down live, but it was far more entertaining to see what everyone was posting via internet (Facebook, Twitter). Here are some of the post I saw that gave me a chuckle. I know this is a serious, historical moment in the world, but these post did lighten the mood a bit:

“The longest game of hide and go seek just ended.”

“Knock Knock. Who’s there? Not Bin Laden.”

“So how long before they make a movie outta this?”

“One day my news feed is blowin up with pictures of a double rainbow, now Bin Laden’s death. You can always count on facebook to update you on the finest things in life.”

“The awkward thing about Osama is that nobody is telling you that Dora The Explorer was the one who finally found him…”

“Osama Bin Laden will join Anne Frank and Waldo as the only members of the Hide and Seek Hall Of Fame.”

“Obama is dead!”

“(614): We just shotgunned beers for America”

“I need an American flag T shirt to wear tomorrow. The jorts might also come out”

“America proves yet again that missiles attached to unmanned aircraft guided by satellites and controlled by people a thousand miles away > dudes with AK-47s in caves”

“If Obama is 55 minutes late in addressing the entire nation, can I be 55 minutes late to my class tomorrow?”

“Somethings wrong, I hold my head, Osama gone, that nigga dead *Kanye West voice*”

“Someone got that 5 kill streak”

“Osama’s dead? Shot timeeee”

“May 1, the newest holiday?”

“Things on TV right now: Army Wives, Major Payne, Ax Men, Bad Boys, and Top Gun. You couldn’t plan a more American night if you tried.”

“Just say it Barack. ‘America, fuck yeah.'”

February 16, 2011

Glee Vs. American Idol

Photo Via: Glee Cast Wallpapers

I just became extremely respectful of the show Glee. The cast on the show has so much pure, raw, talent. I love to listen to them sing just about anything. They have such a melody, and can carry with one another. The best part, its real, all of their voices. They can sing, unlike most shows. What amazes me is this:

American Idol has produced season after season. Every year us, as America, always wonder how on earth that one (or more) performer(s) made it so far in the competition.  We all think to ourselves “Really? They are awful. Vote them off now.” American Idol can not even produce a successful top 12, maybe even top 8. There is always someone that should never of made it to that point.

On the other hand, Glee. They were able to cast almost entirely a show of musically talented people. Almost every single cast member has such an amazing talent that they make some of the American Idol winners look bad. So my full respect goes to Glee. They are able to produce show after show successfully, wish beautiful sounding song covers. The producer of the show, my regards go to you. Glee, I will give you serious props, thank you for presenting true talent.

This all makes me seem like an American Idol hater, which I am not, I love the show. This is just something I realized. The person who casted glee did an amazing job. They should become a judge on American Idol and show them how it’s done.

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