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June 26, 2011

I Want A Beach Now.

Photo Via:  GirlsScene

I am back! Boy have I been a busy girl. How was everyone’s weekend?? This weekend began with an oh so awesome girls night. It was great to see old friends for the first time in ages (some since last summer). The next morning, bright, shiny, and early, my mom and I drove back to where I go to school and back in the same day just so I could play some soccer. Oh the extremes our family goes for sports, and what I do for soccer. After playing though, I was ready for sleep. I believe I slept over a total over ten hours, but it was great, and much needed.

The more this summer lags on the more and more I want to A) work on my tan (which I don’t ever have the time to do, by the time I am hope it is nightfall). B) go to the beach (I want to go now). Both of those would go hand in hand, so a beach right about now sounds absolutely perfect. Don’t ya think?

Photo Via: Tumbler: Living Life One Laugh At A Time 

How cute is this?? Isn’t he the most precious shark you have ever laid eyes on?!

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April 25, 2011

The Rain Can’t Be All That Bad.

Photo Via: ControlSix

I will admit, I am sick of all of this rain. It has continuously rained here for a week now, and shows no sign of letting up. Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst we have faced here in Kentucky, so I will see how it goes.

I do have to admit, purchasing rain boots might of been the best investment I have ever made. Before I transferred here there was no need for them. The campus I was on never had any puddles, I could wear any shoes I wanted, and it was great. Now, here in Kentucky, the campus is as flat as a pancake so the water has no runoff. It just sits forever and a day it seems like, so there are puddles galore, and at times this can be a pain.


Today was my friend Katie’s birthday, (who by the way is going to be my roommate next year). Us girls did all kinds of things for her all day. We went to Walmart and purchased all kinds of candy and goodies (all of the Easter candy was 50% off. SCORE!). Then her current roommate got her out of her room long enough for us to decorate the entire thing. Actually, Katie came back in the middle of our decorating process and I had to keep my fingers on the lock to keep her from unlocking the door to getting in and ruining the surprise. After many attempts to get in, Katie came to the conclusion her door’s lock was broken. Little did she know we were filling her entire room with balloons and streamers. Finally, when we revealed to her our beautiful creation, she was shocked beyond belief. She loved it, but that was only the beginning. We then blindfolded her and drove her to Cheddar’s for dinner. She has not idea where we were taking her, although we kept telling her we were going to the strip club. She was even more surprised when we let her take her blindfold off once we sat her down in the booth. Then we drove back, but she wanted Cold Stone, so we stopped for the princess. Again, little did she know that we had a cookie cake waiting for her back at the dorm. Once we did finally get back home, she was floored that we went above and beyond for her birthday.

To finish off the night we changed into our bathing suits and clothes we didn’t mind ruining and went out into our quad. Since the rain has still yet to subside, a huge puddle has formed in the middle of the quad. It is probably six inches deep and forever wide it seems, so basically it is a mini pond. So all of us girls went sliding, belly diving, splashing, and running into the puddle. It was like we were little kids. So see, you can make all of this gloomy rain fun.

Photo Via: My Good Friend Jordan

April 18, 2011

Baby Brother Is All Grown Up (For The Most Part).

A photo of me and Bud (my nickname for him) way back in the day representing an old school romper and Micky Mouse pajamas.

I can think back to summer nights like this just like it was yesterday. I miss being little, and not having to care about a thing in the world. I had a great childhood, no doubt about it, and looking back I would not want to change anything. I have two younger brothers, who I would circle the world and back for. Last week the oldest of my brothers turned sixteen. What?! Where has the time gone? I remember when I was bigger than him and bossed him around, just like a true big sister should. I used to force him to put on make up and dress him up for a fashion show. He used to follow me around everywhere, literally. He did not even talk to anyone, but me, for years. I did all of the talking for him, which used to make my mother so angry because he would tell me what he wanted and I would go tell my mother. It was not until he was older he finally started talking for himself. Now he towers over me, by almost a good foot. Speaking of feet, I am pretty sure two of my feet could fit in one of his shoes. His voice is now deeper, and now he sounds just like my dad, laugh and all. Size wise, I know I can no longer take him in a wrestling match like I used to be able to back in the good old days, but he is still scared of me. He knows his limits, and for some reason thinks I could beat him to the ground. Although, I would never in my life admit to him that he could take me, but I will just let him keep thinking how he does.

As we got older we grew close, just like our parents told us we would. Everyone heard it when they were younger from their parents, “Just wait until you are older, you will love your siblings whether you believe it now or not.” I know when my parents told me that back when World War III just down in the household I would just laugh at them and say I will never be friends with my brothers. Boy, was I wrong. I now love doing everything with them, especially the oldest one, just because we are closer in age and he has matured into a 16 going on 30 man pretty much (I swear he is older than me half the time). My youngest still has a lot to grow, but I love him the same none the less.

Now that my oldest brother is sixteen terrifies me. He now has his license and can hit the streets whenever. And boy do I now feel old. Not long ago I remember getting my drivers license picture taking, and then the feeling that you are invincible and on top of the world when that ID hits your hand. I am so proud of everything he has accomplished up to this point in his life. He has really grown into a great young man. I am so glad that we are as close as we are. I could not imagine my life without him, because he is always there for me when I need him, especially guy advice. I am also the only person he tells “I love you” to without having to force it out of him like my mom, aunts, and cousins have to (He says because he knows what I would do to him if he doesn’t say it. Like I said he is scared of me). I am tearing up just writing this. I love my brothers. I really could not of asked for better siblings.

However, the upside to him becoming legal. I now no longer have to drive everywhere, he owes me big time. He is now designated driver for mom and dad when we go out. Also, he has to deal with having to run all over the place for errands just like I did. Welcome to the club Bud.

A more updated picture of Bud and I from my senior year. Even though I still had my braces then, I love this picture of him and I. Oh, and for those of you who don’t know him, this is his “smile.”

April 5, 2011

Im Fine Without You.

Video Via: Dailymotion

This is my current anthem. I have not listened to a song my Hinder in forever. I then stumbled across this song along my playlist, and now I play it non stop. The lyrics say it all. It is exactly where I am right now in life.

Without you, I live it up a little more every day.
Without you, I’m seeing myself so differently.
I didn’t wanna believe it then, but it all worked out in the end.
When I watched you walk away, well, I never thought I’d say
I’m fine without you

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March 9, 2011

I Wish I Had All The Answers.

Photo Via: Beleza

Life is never easy, it wasn’t meant to be. At times when it does get hard, I tend to wish I had the answers to all of my problems. Regardless of the problems I might be faced with-school, love, or life-I always find myself hoping to be able to see ahead to the end. What fun would that be though? To know all of the answers throughout life. That is the beauty that life holds, you never know what will come next. Life always keeps you guessing what comes next. Even at times when you think you might know the outcome, it will shock you what truly does happen.

Some changes have been recently made in my life. I am moving on with the rest of my life, moving on for me, moving on for the better. I have let go of moments of my pasts, even though it was not what I wanted. It never ended up how I thought it would, but things change, and people change, and I know better than to stay around for false hopes. Nothing sums up my life at the moment better than the lyrics to this song.

“I know there’s a blue horizon somewhere up ahead, just waiting for me. Getting there means leaving things behind; sometimes life’s so bitter sweet. I guess it’s gonna have to hurt. I guess I’m gonna have to cry, and let go of some things I’ve loved to get to the other side. I guess it’s gonna break me down, like falling when you try to fly. It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye. Time heals the wounds that you feel somehow, right now.”

I am walking away from my past, and I am now on an adventure to find myself again. The ones who truly care will always be there for you, every step of the way, and will always remain. I am a strong girl, I always have been. I have been through a lot more than most, and I have been through a lot less than most. I can get through this crazy thing called life on my own, I need no one to hold my hand.

Sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye.