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May 20, 2011

Yay For Friday!

I saw this commercial the other day and it made me laugh so hard! It is one of the funniest commercials I have seen in awhile. Who needs Superbowl commercials for a good laugh? Have a great weekend everyone!

May 2, 2011

Osama News.

Photo Via: CNN Website

As you more than likely already know Osama Bin Laden was been pronounced dead yesterday. After searching for him for nearly 10 years, the US was finally able to pin point his whereabouts and put the chase to rest. It is a great defeat for America, and I am so happy and proud to be an American. My thank you goes out to every man and woman serving in the military, thank you.

I did turn on the news and watch everything go down live, but it was far more entertaining to see what everyone was posting via internet (Facebook, Twitter). Here are some of the post I saw that gave me a chuckle. I know this is a serious, historical moment in the world, but these post did lighten the mood a bit:

“The longest game of hide and go seek just ended.”

“Knock Knock. Who’s there? Not Bin Laden.”

“So how long before they make a movie outta this?”

“One day my news feed is blowin up with pictures of a double rainbow, now Bin Laden’s death. You can always count on facebook to update you on the finest things in life.”

“The awkward thing about Osama is that nobody is telling you that Dora The Explorer was the one who finally found him…”

“Osama Bin Laden will join Anne Frank and Waldo as the only members of the Hide and Seek Hall Of Fame.”

“Obama is dead!”

“(614): We just shotgunned beers for America”

“I need an American flag T shirt to wear tomorrow. The jorts might also come out”

“America proves yet again that missiles attached to unmanned aircraft guided by satellites and controlled by people a thousand miles away > dudes with AK-47s in caves”

“If Obama is 55 minutes late in addressing the entire nation, can I be 55 minutes late to my class tomorrow?”

“Somethings wrong, I hold my head, Osama gone, that nigga dead *Kanye West voice*”

“Someone got that 5 kill streak”

“Osama’s dead? Shot timeeee”

“May 1, the newest holiday?”

“Things on TV right now: Army Wives, Major Payne, Ax Men, Bad Boys, and Top Gun. You couldn’t plan a more American night if you tried.”

“Just say it Barack. ‘America, fuck yeah.'”

April 25, 2011

The Rain Can’t Be All That Bad.

Photo Via: ControlSix

I will admit, I am sick of all of this rain. It has continuously rained here for a week now, and shows no sign of letting up. Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst we have faced here in Kentucky, so I will see how it goes.

I do have to admit, purchasing rain boots might of been the best investment I have ever made. Before I transferred here there was no need for them. The campus I was on never had any puddles, I could wear any shoes I wanted, and it was great. Now, here in Kentucky, the campus is as flat as a pancake so the water has no runoff. It just sits forever and a day it seems like, so there are puddles galore, and at times this can be a pain.


Today was my friend Katie’s birthday, (who by the way is going to be my roommate next year). Us girls did all kinds of things for her all day. We went to Walmart and purchased all kinds of candy and goodies (all of the Easter candy was 50% off. SCORE!). Then her current roommate got her out of her room long enough for us to decorate the entire thing. Actually, Katie came back in the middle of our decorating process and I had to keep my fingers on the lock to keep her from unlocking the door to getting in and ruining the surprise. After many attempts to get in, Katie came to the conclusion her door’s lock was broken. Little did she know we were filling her entire room with balloons and streamers. Finally, when we revealed to her our beautiful creation, she was shocked beyond belief. She loved it, but that was only the beginning. We then blindfolded her and drove her to Cheddar’s for dinner. She has not idea where we were taking her, although we kept telling her we were going to the strip club. She was even more surprised when we let her take her blindfold off once we sat her down in the booth. Then we drove back, but she wanted Cold Stone, so we stopped for the princess. Again, little did she know that we had a cookie cake waiting for her back at the dorm. Once we did finally get back home, she was floored that we went above and beyond for her birthday.

To finish off the night we changed into our bathing suits and clothes we didn’t mind ruining and went out into our quad. Since the rain has still yet to subside, a huge puddle has formed in the middle of the quad. It is probably six inches deep and forever wide it seems, so basically it is a mini pond. So all of us girls went sliding, belly diving, splashing, and running into the puddle. It was like we were little kids. So see, you can make all of this gloomy rain fun.

Photo Via: My Good Friend Jordan

January 27, 2011

Giggle Worthy Texts

Oh the wonderful drunk texting disease. We are all guilty of it, some more than others, but it happens. Hopefully it does not get as bad as the picture above, that is crawl in a hole worthy. If you ever need a day brightener I would highly recommend web browsing Texts From Last Night. It will simply put a smile on your face, and make you realize that things can always get worse. Here are some that made me roll over with laughter:

(952): I fed the cats at 7 am, made her eggs, gave her oral, and now I’m helping her clean and baking her brownies. Cosmos got nothing on me.

(319): My mom just set up beer pong in the dining room for family game night. and you ask why I’m still living at home.

(780): She passed out in the backyard, making “face down” snow angels … so they could have a smile.

(619): My professor complimented me on the well drawn penis on my face then asked if I would like a seat closer to the garbage can.

(314): I just found out my mom named me after her fake ID from college…

(724): Just know that as we speak i am injecting vodka into gushers.

(906): he passed out at 11 at a party. he deserved to be stripped down an duct taped to the floor.

Just be happy that it wasnt you.

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