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July 8, 2011

What Day Is It?!

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Heck yes. Bring on the weekend.

March 29, 2011

iPad Luck.

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So life has been crazy for me lately. I know I have been distant from writing posts on here. Well, quite frankly I am not on my laptop as much as I usually am. For one, I deleted Facebook which gives me a tone of free time away from the computer. Second, I won an iPad so I now have even more of an excuse not to get on the computer. I mean there is an app for WordPress, obviously, because there is an app for everything. I have downloaded it, but it takes too long for me to type up a blog post. It is easier for me to do it on my laptop, but with not getting on as much, it makes me much more distant.

Let me share with you how I won my beautiful iPad. You see, I work at a company with a ton of employees in the winter when I am home on Christmas break. In about mid-March we always have an employee party. Everyone gets a certain number of tickets (it depends on how much you work, the more hours you work the more tickets you get) that can be used in the silent auction, which holds plenty of gifts with a broad range of prices. I started with the lowest priced prizes and worked my way up. I put random tickets in random bowls, and saved the rest for the bigger stuff. I finally worked my way towards the pricier prizes, and I put a good amount of my tickets in a LG television. I was in high hopes of winning that one, I mean what college kid wouldn’t want a high definition television in their dorm room? I then got to the iPad and realized I only had two tickets left, so I chanced it and put them in the bowl already consisting of hundreds of tickets.

The drawings for prizes started, but of course they make you wait out until the very end, so they do all of the little prizes first. Hours passed (not kidding) and I was getting tired of waiting around. I thought to myself, “What is the chance that I will actually win?” I thought my chances of actually winning were slim to none. So, I began to pack up my stuff to head out, then I heard the announcer stubble upon my name over the speakers. I stood up and ran up there excited for what I had won (although I had no idea what my name was called for, I was not listening when they announced the prize). As I ran up in front of everyone, I stopped and asked a familiar face what I won, and they replied “The iPad!” Now tell me I was not grinning from ear to ear. I was so excited, because I have worked there for five years and not won a thing. That made my night, actually probably my week.

My luck is changing for the better.

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March 3, 2011

Get Happy, Be Happy.

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I found this post on Stumble Upon by The Inspiration Tree. It helped me out so much, and helped me view my life as to how I used to. You see, I have been in a hole with life, and I believe I dug myself into it. I have been having troubles trying to find my way out of it, and to stand up on my own two feet again. I needed a good positive boost such as this to help me back on track. I want to send a huge thank you to the writer of The Inspiration Tree, Sam. This post was a huge pick me up.

The Pursuit of Happiness: 15 Lessons to Keep in Mind

1. The only person that can ever truly make you happy is yourself. Stop depending on everyone else.

2. People lie, stuff happens. Don’t take it too personally.

3. Want people to think you’re amazing? Start believing you are, and then they will too.

4. Smiling is the ultimate anti-depressant. Smile and laugh out loud, it doesn’t look stupid, I promise.

5. The world is never just black and white, right or wrong, one way or another. Try and see things from as many points of view as possible.

6. “Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final”
Rainer Maria Rilke

7. Have empathy.

8. Gossip, problems of the past, events you cannot control, negative thoughts and negative people; time spent on these is time poorly wasted.

9. When you’re jealous or find yourself filled with hate for someone/something, stop. The only person its hurting is you.

10. Although the newest, most expensive material things may make you feel as if you’re a better person, they won’t hold you at night or listen to you when you need it. Make sure your priorities make sense.

11. Step outside your comfort zone- it’s when you’ll really feel alive.

12. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, the people who really matter, don’t mind

13. Let your emotions out sometimes, humans have them for a reason.

14. Celebrate the things you have. Think only positively of the things you don’t (but would like to have) and they too will come.

15. Love unconditionally ♥.

I hope that this helps someone else out today. Be happy, for every moment, of every day. Check out the entire post from The Inspiration Tree.