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July 11, 2011

All Around New Look.

I practically spent my entire day changing the entire theme of my site. My fingertips now have that fuzzy sensation you get from scrolling on the trackpad and typing all day long. I am pretty proud on how it turned out, but what do you think? I will be still making tweaks here and there, so bare with me if my page gets a little crazy!

Uh, so today was an absolute scorcher to say the least. Since I am pretty much a professional procrastinator I decided to shoot my first legit outfit post. I need to find a photographer best friend to snap some pictures of me next time. I no longer can deal with the running back and forth of the self timer, though it is a fairly good exercise. So, here we go..

Dress: Forever21  Shoes: My friend from England  Earrings: Flea market

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May 9, 2011

Great Hair Pieces For The Spring And Summer.

I just love these head pieces. They are absolutely perfect for the spring time transition into the summer. I found all of these hair pieces at The site has all many selections to choose from. I personal favorite are the flower head pieces they have, I just think they are perfect for the spring/summer. They also have a Bridal collection that is perfect for weddings. There are plenty of head pieces to choose from that would be great for the bridesmaids, or for the bride herself. also has their Black Label collection with an array of unique vintage head piece that would be awesome for any event. Check out the site, they have some awesome merchandise.

May 7, 2011

Backless Summer Dresses.

Photo Via: Galaxie Andrews

Photo Via: Emiles Miles

Photo Via: Asia Monét

Photo Via:Kristin Downie

Photo Via: Dear Monday

It is summer time, which calls for summer dresses. I just love summer dresses, especially backless ones. What do you think??

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April 4, 2011

Help Me Pick Rain Boots.

Photo Via: Target Rain Boots

Photo Via: Endless Shoes

Photo Via: Target Rain Boots

Where I am in Kentucky, it rains/floods constantly. We are actually in a flood warning right now. I have almost gone my entire first year of college without rain boots. Once I got here, I knew I needed them immediately. The only problem I had is that you don’t want to get a pair that someone already has. I have been on a rain boot hunt for a few weeks now and I have narrowed it down to these three, but I am having a problem deciding. I would love it if you could help me out. Which one do you like more? I would love your opinions.

March 2, 2011

Bringing Vintage To The Beach.

Summer is drawing closer, and it is time to go out and find your perfect suit. Of course there are endless styles to choose from, and one that is raising a lot of attention lately are vintage inspired swimsuits. I just love vintage, well vintage everything. Check some of these that I found online at Unique Vintage. They have so many products, so be sure to check out their site.

Photos Via: Unique Vintage

I figured I would throw in some of these vintage swim caps as well. Don’t you just love them? They are so fun, and are actually making a come back. Unique Vintage has so many colors and styles to choose from. Be sure to check out their swim caps too.

Lets just keeping hoping, praying, and wishing for warm weather to roll in. Then finally, after a long cold winter, we can have some fun in the sun.