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June 26, 2011

I Want A Beach Now.

Photo Via:  GirlsScene

I am back! Boy have I been a busy girl. How was everyone’s weekend?? This weekend began with an oh so awesome girls night. It was great to see old friends for the first time in ages (some since last summer). The next morning, bright, shiny, and early, my mom and I drove back to where I go to school and back in the same day just so I could play some soccer. Oh the extremes our family goes for sports, and what I do for soccer. After playing though, I was ready for sleep. I believe I slept over a total over ten hours, but it was great, and much needed.

The more this summer lags on the more and more I want to A) work on my tan (which I don’t ever have the time to do, by the time I am hope it is nightfall). B) go to the beach (I want to go now). Both of those would go hand in hand, so a beach right about now sounds absolutely perfect. Don’t ya think?

Photo Via: Tumbler: Living Life One Laugh At A Time 

How cute is this?? Isn’t he the most precious shark you have ever laid eyes on?!

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February 15, 2011

Vote For Sophie.

Photo Via: Red Barn Photography

Isn’t she precious? She is in a baby contest, and trying to win her age group. She is a friend of the family, basically she is family. If you could help out and support her that would be great. I mean, how could you not vote for her, she is so adorable. Here is what you have to do. Go to the Facebook page for Red Barn Photography. Like their page, then go to the album titled 2011 My Favorite Baby Contest. Find Sophie and like her photoRed Barn Photography did a great job taking all of their pictures, they are perfect at what they do. So check out other photos of their’s too, only after you vote for Sophie.