My Parents


My mom is from Kentucky. She is one of five girls, I know right my poor grandfather. Both of my grandparents on my mom’s side had 10+ siblings, so you can only image our family reunions. My mother went to college in Indiana and worked their until she met my father. My dad is from a small town Iowa, and is practically his hometown celebrity. He went to college their in Iowa on a full scholarship for wrestling. After college he moved all over and settled in Indiana where he ultimately met my mother.

The First Date

A mutual friend set them up on a blind date, just a simple date, out to dinner. When my dad met my mom some of the first words he said to her was “Will you be the mother of my children?” her obvious reply of the time “Uh, NO!” But little did she know that years later she would be his wife, and the mother of his children. If any other person would of said that it would of came off creepy, and I am sure at that exact time my mother thought my dad was a creep for making such a comment. But that is just it, that is my dad and his sense of humor. You learn over time to never take him seriously, well at least most of the time.


Together they make the greatest husband and wife team. My dad is witty, obnoxious, blunt (very blunt), very intelligent, keen, agile (in his opinion), athletic (at least back in his day), handy, and has the best sense of humor you might ever find. My dad grew up in the country, so he has all of the small town atmosphere and having to care for yourself, while moving into the business world in a big city has given him the knowledge that you can only learn from hard work and sweat. My mom is book smart, a great cook, loving and caring, organized, crafty, and outspoken. She has zero athletic skills, so my father takes it upon himself to have us thank him time to time for the good athletic genes. My mom being from the city knew only how to cook and clean up after herself. So all of the other things my dad had to teach my mom how to, like changing oil in a car, or taking a door off its hinges, or any other handy thing that might be worth knowing. My dad is the tempered one who strives for perfection, while mom accepts our flaws and is always the level headed one. However, don’t let her fool you, when she gets mad, all hell breaks loose. Together they are the ultimate team.

Thanks Mom and Dad

I love my parents, they have taught me everything I know. There are not enough words for me to use to describe how great they are. I know I am so lucky to have parents like mine, I am thankful for it everyday. Even though at times they drive me crazy, they are the same people that keep me sane. They are my rock, my shelter, my last thread, my push, my drive, my everything. They are my parents. I wish so much that I could share them, for you to meet them. Just to even have one conversation with them about life, sports, old stories from when they were growing up, business, college, love, anything. I love that my mom and dad gave me life, and I am so thankful to everything they have given me throughout my life. Now I will spend mine entirely repaying them as much as I can.


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