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June 26, 2011

I Want A Beach Now.

Photo Via:  GirlsScene

I am back! Boy have I been a busy girl. How was everyone’s weekend?? This weekend began with an oh so awesome girls night. It was great to see old friends for the first time in ages (some since last summer). The next morning, bright, shiny, and early, my mom and I drove back to where I go to school and back in the same day just so I could play some soccer. Oh the extremes our family goes for sports, and what I do for soccer. After playing though, I was ready for sleep. I believe I slept over a total over ten hours, but it was great, and much needed.

The more this summer lags on the more and more I want to A) work on my tan (which I don’t ever have the time to do, by the time I am hope it is nightfall). B) go to the beach (I want to go now). Both of those would go hand in hand, so a beach right about now sounds absolutely perfect. Don’t ya think?

Photo Via: Tumbler: Living Life One Laugh At A Time 

How cute is this?? Isn’t he the most precious shark you have ever laid eyes on?!

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May 11, 2011

Living The High Life.

Magnificent right? Pure bliss. This is a hotel in Singapore called Marina Bay Sands. The entire complex consists of three hotel towers that are all connected at the top by a skypark. (Not really sure what skypark is? Well, I have pictures, courtisy of Marina Bay Sands, to show you how outrageously awesome a skypark is). Every tower connects at level 23 in order to give all guest access to the skypark. The skypark is designed for a tropical escape, which overlooks the South China Sea and the Singapore skyline.  This hotel hold over 2,500 rooms and suites, which makes it the biggest hotel now in Singapore. The hotel’s great landscaped gardens stretch out throughout a total of 12, 400 meters of area (big enough for three football fields). The lush gardens is home to 250 trees and 650 different plants. The skypark is equipped with a pool, 200 meters from the ground. Could you image swimming at such heights?! All hotel quests have all exclusive access of the 150 meter (in length) infinity swimming pool, which is now the world’s largest outdoor pool presented at that height. To put things into perspective of how massive this hotel and skypark is, the skypark itself longer than the Eiffel Tower and is large enough to be its own park. It extends to form one of the world’s largest public cantilevers.

Photos Via: Marina Bay Sands
 Information Via: Design Boom

Now how about that for a hotel hmm? The architecture of it is pure genious, it is a beautiful structure itself. Actually, all of the designing aspects inside and out are marvelous. I would love to spend even just a night or two there, that would be great! I am curious of how much a stay just per night would be for there, I bet an arm and a leg. Although the arm and a leg almost seems worth it to stay there. How many people do you know that can say they swam 200 feet up in the air? Man, a nice relaxing vacation does sound perfect for right about now!

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May 4, 2011

Inspiration Board.

Photo Via: Natasha Krakowiak

So this week has been finals week, and it has been crazy. So far I think I have developed a sleeping disorder, carpal tunnel, and suffering from eye straining. I can not wait for the week from hell is over and for summer to begin. Summer is going to be pure bliss.

However this week, me and my future roommates are trying to figure out our rooming arrangements for next school year. We actually where able to score a room (suite style room may I add) in the nicest dorms on campus that are typically for upperclassmen. However, when we went over to check out our new home we where shocked to find the room big enough for one person, let alone two. We were going to have to pay extra because it is a suite and much more nicer than the dorm rooms we were currently in, but the rooms itself were smaller. With us, that just did not fly.

So we explored all of our options with other rooming possibilities. We ended up finding an on campus apartment, that was cheaper for a shared room, but more expensive for the single rooms. My three roommates and I ventured over to the apartment to check it out. I fell in love, there is a living room, a bathroom, and three rooms (two single rooms and one shared). The apartment was spacious and it was pretty much an automatic decision. Our plans for next year is to move in there with my friend and I who were going to be roommates to get the single rooms, since we rarely ever go home and are there the most. The two other girls will get the shared room.

With me having a room all to myself I have already started coming up with plans in my head with how I am going to decorate my room. I have always wanted and inspiration board, and since I am enrolled in loads of classes for my major next semester I thought that an inspiration board would be necessary. I will upload photos as it gets going and develops more and more.

Well all of this talking about next year has gotten me all excited for school to start back up, which I don’t need right now with it being finals and all. Remember: I NEED SUMMER! Much better, now I have summer back on the mind. Well, I have procrastinated from studying enough, I better get back to this world civilization outline, after all the final for it is in an hour. Wish me luck!

March 13, 2011

Mom’s Birthday Bash.

Photo Via: A Cup Of Joe

I am loving this picture. My mom turns 50 this year and my dad is planning on throwing a surprise birthday party for her. She is currently having a midlife crisis and is trying to suppress the idea of her turning 50. My dad is not the most creative guy in the world, and really needs my help with ideas. So, if any of you guys that have any great ideas (Photos would be awesome too) hand them out. I love new, fun, innovative ideas.


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February 15, 2011

Vote For Sophie.

Photo Via: Red Barn Photography

Isn’t she precious? She is in a baby contest, and trying to win her age group. She is a friend of the family, basically she is family. If you could help out and support her that would be great. I mean, how could you not vote for her, she is so adorable. Here is what you have to do. Go to the Facebook page for Red Barn Photography. Like their page, then go to the album titled 2011 My Favorite Baby Contest. Find Sophie and like her photoRed Barn Photography did a great job taking all of their pictures, they are perfect at what they do. So check out other photos of their’s too, only after you vote for Sophie.