Harry Potter…Over. What?

I still cannot believe it is finished. It feels as if a part of my childhood has just ended. I grew up knowing nothing but Harry Potter. I can still remember the outrage it caused and schools and libraries band the books from their shelves, which I find completely absurd still to this day. I give so much credit to J.K. Rowling for creating this series of books that swept not only the nation, but the entire world. It amazes me that everything, down to the last detail, was all from her imagination. I don’t think my mind, my imagination could ever travel to such lengths, not to that level. I am one of those guilty of not reading the books, but seeing the movie instead. Well, that is only 50% true, I have read books one through four and some of five, but never did I finish it or read five, six and seven.

Another saga, probably the greatest ever, or at least the greatest of my lifetime, has ended. Last night people dress up for one last final go. I did not participate in the whole dressing up part of it. I am not that crazy about the series, though I did have friends that did. You can be sure that I will post pictures on here later to share with you all!

On another note, today is friday. Everybody loves fridays..right?

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