Raspberry Smoothies, Delish!

How fantastic does it look?! There is nothing better to drink during the summer time than a smoothie (okay, okay possibly lemonade, especially pink lemonade). This actually was my late, right before I go to sleep, snack. And boy let me tell you, it turn out perfect! Currently I have been obsessing over the pineapple mango smoothies at McDonalds (even though I am slightly allergic to pineapple, I look past it. Mind over matter..right?!). I advise you to try them if you have not already, and if you have tried them, try them again! Oh, yes, my raspberry smoothie, make one for yourself too. I just used fresh raspberries, frozen yogurt, and a splash of milk. I blended it all together in one of those Magic Bullet food processors, you know the ones on TV. Well what do you know, stuff they actually sell on TV does work! At least this does, it works wonders. Now I am craving another smoothie, gotta go check the fridge for some fresh fruit.

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