Awkward & Awesome

Photo Via: Story Of My Life


Saying something and then thinking right after it, “Why did I say that?” #wordvomit.

When the lanes merge from two lanes to one and no one will let you over, so you sit there with your blinker on for what seems like ages.

Having a creepy man come up behind you and whisper in your ear, “That’s a nice dress,” while waiting to pick up your lunch.

People when they express their love for boyfriend/girlfriend..every day..multiple times a day.

The way I laugh when someone tickles me.

Working out at the gym when no one else is there.

Getting hit on at work, to only then tell them who my father is.

The current state of my room. It is a hot mess.

Asking someone for Advil and them automatically assuming I am hungover by say, “Long night last night huh?” (Actually no, I just have a headache and I want it gone. NOW!)


The way my face feels after I wash it. Sometimes I even will walk quickly down my hallway in order to feel the cool tingle.

Getting coupons sent to you via email at work.

Playing in your high school alumni soccer game, and winning.

Getting so much stuff accomplished at work that you are now far ahead.

Eating at a place that has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

It being the start of a new month, and a three day weekend! Yay for holidays!

Lemonade in the summer.

Listening to old favorite bands, like Fall Out Boy, for the first time in forever.

Ordering your food in the drive thru and receiving your food in what feels likes record time.

I know this is late. Please forgive me. Better late than never..right?


One Comment to “Awkward & Awesome”

  1. Always better late than never. (: Love the picture. Did you find her blog through Alivia?

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