Mother Can Never Touch My Laundry Again.

Photo Via: Paula Wirth

Don’t you hate when your clothes shrink? I just had this happen to me. I woke up (late as always) for work and went to put on my dress pants for the office. Lo and behold they turned into high waters after an over night wash that my mother secretly did.

You see I told her they were dry clean only, and that today I would take them downtown to the dry cleaner. They still had a few wears left in them so I planned to take them to the cleaners on Wednesday. Instead my crazy mother washed them for me, with thinking that it would be a nice gesture. Instead they shrunk in length about four sizes (far beyond the point of even pulling them off to be cute). I was beyond furious when I woke up this morning. It now looks like I have grown four inches, which would be nice if it actually would of happened. So now I have no clue what to wear to work, because I also had the same pair in a kaki color, but those only shrunk a tad bit. The black pair were my favorite (because obviously it goes with more lol).

This is how my mom responded when I drilled her with questions about it. “Mom, did you wash my pants last night?”…”Yes”…”I told you they were dry cleaned.”…”I know, but that doesn’t mean anything.”…”Oh really? Then explain to me why my black pants are high waters right now?”…”Oh, that has never happened to me before. Sorry?”

Note to self: never let mom go near my laundry ever again..unless she has permission.


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