Awkward & Awesome

Photo Via: Belieberauhl


When I get poked by a creepy old man on Facebook.

The way you walk around right after you paint your nails so you don’t mess them up.

On that note, how terrible my nails look when I am finished with them. They look like a toddler did each one. I just need to stick to a professional.

When I ask someone if they like it here (their job) and they respond, “Yeah for the most part, just my boss is a dick.” Then come to find out…my dad is their boss.

How I don’t respond when someone tells me it looks like I had a rough morning.

Having a conversation that is blanketed by music..for only the song to change and you are caught mid-sentence during the brief silence.

Me walking around the office trying to find a stapler.

The noises I make when I am lifting weights.

Running into the girl who was the reason for my most recent breakup with my ex.


Waking up rested to start my day off with a morning run.

Sleeping with the windows open at night and letting the natural cool air control the temperature in my room.

When my boss tells me I did an awesome job after a completed assignment (Yes! I can finally breathe again).

Finally being able to spend the night with friends since now the real working world consumes our lives.

Catching up on some much needed sleep.

When I find a close parking space in the lot at work.

Having the best night that I have had in awhile, and getting away with it.

In depth discussions about religion and such around the campfire.

My mom. The end.


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