Working Life.

Destroy Everything You Touch

(This is how my life has felt like. I bought a planner and it never seems like I can fit it all it).

I can not believe I have not posted in more than a week. It is because so much has been going on I have hardly had the time but anything else. My room is currently a hot mess because I have not had time to pick up after myself throughout the day. Here is the lo down of where I have been.

I got (another) job! It is an internship right on the outside of the city. I am apart of their marketing team, and I absolutely love it. I work full time there, but it is only temporary until I leave after the summer ends to go back to school. I also work a part time job at Penn Station (East Coast Subs) making some pretty mean sandwiches after I get off at my marketing job. I have been cranking out 12+ hour shifts, which kill me by night fall. I am now feeling like a grown up and entered the mean old working world for the time being.

So I apologize immensely for slacking to the max on my blog. Please forgive me! I (for once in two weeks) have a day off today! So I am going to try to make up my brief hiatus and and post some great reads for you guys!


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