Awkward & Awesome.

Photo Via: Mallory Varnum


Answering your cell phone like you answer the phone at work, “Hello, this is _______. Thank you for calling _______. What can I do for you today?”

Choosing between letting someone know their butt is hanging out of their jeans as they are bending over or just not say a word.

Burning your neck on a curling iron and it ironically resembles a hickey.

Searching everywhere for an item in your closet then blame it on someone for taking it, only to realize you find it hanging in there later on.

Trying to park your car and have to straighten it out multiple time, and grabbing the attention of onlookers.

When you tell your parents you are at a friends out, and then your parents just happen to run into that exact friend.

This girl’s habit of eating chalk.

The moment when you continue to smell something bad so you self consciously start believing it is you.

When you go to get a pedicure and its been awhile..enough said.


The raspberry fruit smoothie I made myself the other night at midnight! (Photos will be uploaded later).

Waking up early to go for a run, and love it. Even if it kills you later on, at the time it felt absolutely great.

Being able to quote an entire movie with a group of friends.

Listening to Like It’s Quidditch while making chocolate chip cookie dough with my best friend.

Seeing three movies in the theater in a weeks time.

When I found someone that loves the movie Steel Magnolias as much as I do.

Sunday dinner with my family. This sunday consisted of ribs, corn, mac and cheese, bread rolls, baked beans, macaroni salad, and fried potatos.

The feeling you get when you finish a project.

How great the weather has been outside, no more rain, just straight sunshine.

All of the fresh fruit that are in season during the summer. Fruit on a hot summer day is my favorite!



One Comment to “Awkward & Awesome.”

  1. Steel Magnolias… I love it 🙂

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