Sweet Cupcakes.

Cupcakes seem to be this ongoing fad, that I am completely indulging myself in. They are a new twist to the old fashion cake. Now, some people are having a mass arrangement of cupcakes at weddings and parties instead of a large magnificent cake. There are even shops popping up all over the map that are selling strictly just cupcakes. Society is getting on board to the whole cupcake obsession. There are even shows on television that are in full support of cupcakes. Shows like DC Cupcake and Cupcake Wars are becoming more popular and becoming and ultimate smash.

Photos Via: Sweet Lulu

Aren’t they just precious? All of these great items can be found online at Sweet Lulu. They have so many great items that would be perfect for any kind of party. I discovered them via A Cup Of Joe, which is one of my favorite blogs of all time to read. All of this talk about cupcakes is making me hungry, and it just so happens that I have cupcakes in my fridge here at school. I am going to go grab one before my next class, so have a great day everyone!

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