Help Me Pick Rain Boots.

Photo Via: Target Rain Boots

Photo Via: Endless Shoes

Photo Via: Target Rain Boots

Where I am in Kentucky, it rains/floods constantly. We are actually in a flood warning right now. I have almost gone my entire first year of college without rain boots. Once I got here, I knew I needed them immediately. The only problem I had is that you don’t want to get a pair that someone already has. I have been on a rain boot hunt for a few weeks now and I have narrowed it down to these three, but I am having a problem deciding. I would love it if you could help me out. Which one do you like more? I would love your opinions.


4 Comments to “Help Me Pick Rain Boots.”

  1. I like the first ones.

    But I bet more of your clothes would match the black and white ones. That’s why I got mine.

  2. I second Hannah! Black & White.

    But I know you’ll do the opposite of what we say 🙂

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