MiO Water Flavor Enhancers.

Photo Via: MiO

I drink a lot of water, so a little twist every now and then is great. I’m not a huge fan of waters that are already flavored. Instead, I buy the powder packets and mix it into my bottle. I just recently saw a commercial for these liquid flavor water enhancers that Kraft came out with, MiOMiO allows you to create up to 24 eight oz. drinks with ease. They come in a variety of flavors: Berry Pomegranate, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Watermelon, Sweet Tea, Peach Tea, Mango Peach. I am extremely excited to try the Mango Peach, yummm! It gets better, they are all caffeine-free, zero calories (per 8floz.), sugar free, carbohydrate free, and free of artificial flavoring. MiO is sweetened with Sucralose, a calorie-free, artificial sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar. They have a complete list of all ingredients and nutritional information online. Everything about this new product seems great, so I can not wait to try it out. My expectations are high, and I hope it meets my expectations. From what I have heard so far, is that they taste great. If you have tried it out, let me know what you think. Go to the actual MiO website and check out some more about it. Also, if you have missed the advertisements for it there is a video on YouTube. If you really fall in love, then you can even follow Mio on Twitter.

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2 Comments to “MiO Water Flavor Enhancers.”

  1. Oh my goodness! this stuff is amazing! i love it ❤

  2. I have already tried 4 of MiO’s flavors and I love all of them. Being diabetic, I don’t use sugar in anything, so the artificial sweetners in MiO seem to be ok. I would prefer something like stevia, but you can’t have everything.

    I have to say that I love sweet tea, but never drink it; but now, I can have it anytime I want it. Cudos to Kraft for coming up with such a great product!!!

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