Facebook Hiatus.

Photo Via: Facebook Homepage

It official, I deleted my Facebook (temporarily of course). My heart sped up as I was filling out the questionnaire of reasons why. Then right before you finalize the deactivation they try to sweep you back in. At the top of the page, are photos of friends on your Facebook. Below each one it says _Name_ will miss you. Really? If the people on my Facebook where my true friends in the first place then they know plenty of other ways how to get ahold of me. I continued on with the process and eliminated my profile for the time being. I have no idea when I will activate my page again, but the time will come. I can tell you this though, it has been the biggest relief off of my chest. I don’t have to worry about getting on and checking. I no longer catch myself creeping on there for hours at a time (come on admit it, we all creep). Facebook is one of the biggest procrastinating engines ever invented via internet. It also houses most drama, gossip, and God knows what else on the site. If there was anything you needed to know about someone, you go on Facebook. If there is someone you just met, and you look to get a further connection with them, you turn to Facebook. It is almost pathetic that the world has turned into this. I mean, before I deleted it I was receiving birthday parties, graduation parties, and even wedding invites. Doesn’t anyone like face to face contact anymore?

I will not act like I was never on Facebook, because I was. I searched around page to page probably more than the average person, because lets face it, in college you have a ton of spare time on your hands. Also, if I ever heard something back home, all you have to do is sign into your page and check it out. Everyone posts practically everything about their lives on Facebook (well, almost everyone). The fact of the matter is, however, is that I don’t miss Facebook at all. I love not being on there on a(n) (almost) daily basis. I now can proudly say I am not as distracted from my studies, and now I get same amount of work done in half the time. I am enjoying my brief hiatus from Facebook.

However, the one downside of not having it. The birthday calendar. That was the one thing I miss.


2 Comments to “Facebook Hiatus.”

  1. Bravo… I get bored with FB sometimes and then I briefly stay away from it. BUt never had the courage to get out of it…

  2. I would love to be able to do this also, but cutting it out cold turkey would probably give me anxiety from being so disconnected for the world, haha. I totally agree though, I hate that we’ve become facebook dependent.

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