Where I’ve Been.

Photo Via: Teri Mills

Wow, where has all of the time gone? I have been away for ages, I know. I have been entirely too busy with life, and got caught up with everything. You see my spring break was this past week, and I was everywhere, but on the computer. I will be sure to fill you guys in on everything that happened, but all in separate post. So, be sure to keep your eyes open all this week for new posts of my entire week.

I will begin on giving you some background of my week. Well, for starters, I turned over a new leaf. I started a new chapter in my life, my last chapter is apart of my past that needs to be finished. So, heres to moving on and looking forward to the future. I did not go anywhere special for my spring break, I just went home, (Actually when I got home my parents informed me that they had a surprised trip planned, so I has no intentions in going anywhere). Also, during my break I hung out with friends that I have not seen in ages. It is always great to catch up, gossip, and reminisce with old friends. I then went on a family trip for a few days to Nashville, Tennessee. All of my spring break, every day, is a story all itself. I will be sure to share everything with you this week, with videos and photos included.

Now how about everyone else? How did your week, weekend, spring break, go? How is life going? Feel free to share.


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