Froot Loop Lover.

Photo Via: Julia

Good morning fellow bloggers. How did your your morning as well as your weekend go? Mine was great, by every aspect. Friday we had a girls night and decorated our shirts for the highlighter party the following night. We ordered pizza and watched Criminal Minds, (My fav). I became designated go to girl for every arts and crafts project  or I am always the first person they run to if something needs to be fixed (I guess a lot of things don’t change from high school to college). Now my entire dorm knows me to be the best “t-shirt cutter” on campus (You know like Ed Hardy). Well the night that we had all been waiting for so long arrived, the highlighter party. We put on our outfits, and strutted over to Frat Hall. Everything was going great, until it ended abruptly because a security guard found a bottle alcohol (Oh college). I am not sure if security knows this, but it is college, and kids to drink, (And some kids don’t) and you will not be able to catch all of them. That did not ruin my night though, I finished off the night with movies. Then all day Sunday I studied by butt off for all my mid-terms coming up, (The bittersweetness of spring break, mid-terms vs. vacation). Okay, I will admit it, I did procrastinate. I walked over to the gym to watch the intramural basketball tournament. Which, by the way, my team won the entires girls bracket. We were undefeated and lead in scoring (Holla!).

This morning my week began with an 8:00AM psychology mid-term. Then I sulked in doubts of my success with a great bowl of Froot Loops.

How was your weekend and morning!?

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One Comment to “Froot Loop Lover.”

  1. First.. fruit Loops… great 🙂

    Weekend was awesome 🙂

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