Live Up Your Weekend.

Photo Via: Weekends We Wont Remember

Ahh! I hope everyones weekend will be wild. Have the time of your life, and do not be afraid to set yourself free. So, with what ever you decide to do this weekend, laugh, love, dance, smile, be silly, live it up. Make this weekend, one you will remember for awhile, if not forever. Here are some favors to start off your weekend with a bang:

This quote should help you live for today.

A great blog and for a good read.

Someday I would love to stay a night or two in this NYC hotel.

Any woman needs the perfect black dress and heels to go with.

Sunglasses with faces are perfect for a keepsake for your guests.

Loving this nonchalant wedding photo.

Congratulations to Heather and Bryan on their baby boy.

Be sure to check out this wonderful photographer.

Getting married in a building on a college campus, who would of thought.

These fabulous handbags would be great for a night on the town.

Did you heard? hot chocolate now comes on a stick.


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