Rock Climbing Escape.

Photo Via: Zach Zupancic

Today I drove about 40 minutes outside of my college campus to meet up with a good friend. We met up with her friends to go rock climbing, which I was excited about, because I am always down for an adventure. Keep in mind though, I have not rock climbed since I was in 3rd or 4th grade, so I knew out of the gates that this was going to be an experience to say the least.

It started off great, because it was college night, which meant a cheap college price, score! I then was prepped on how to put everything on. Thank God for summer camp, because that trained me in how to put a harness on. Step one, harness correctly situated, check. Then they handed me a bag of chalk, which I never once used before in climbing, so I had no clue what to do with the little sack. Apparently you hook it to the back of your harness, so not so hard. Then he handed me climbing shoes, which again I have never used before in climbing. What was wrong with my good ol’ tennis shoes? I guess they just are not good enough. This place was legit, they gave me real shoes, and a bad of chalk.

We then proceeded to take the mandatory beginners course. They taught me and another girl, that reluctantly took the class with me, all of the procedures of climbing. I learned how to properly latch in, and how to belay. To me, belaying was the hardest thing to learn. Belaying is a technique that is used to secure the climber during their climb. As a belayer you are on the ground making sure that the rope that is attached to the climber has no slack in it so that they do not get tangled up in it. Once the climber gets to the top the belayer is responsible for getting the climber down safely. So basically, the climbers life is in the belayers hands. Of course we were not climbing a real mountain, we were just at an indoor climbing wall, but still the wall itself was very tall. This, obviously, is scary to have this responsibility on your shoulders, especially when this is your first time climbing in years.

I tried to remember all of the terms and words you had to use when climbing, but once we were dismissed to go on our own, I said screw the words, “Im done.” worked just fine with me when I was ready to come down. As soon as I started climbing my past rushed back to me, and I surprised myself how quickly I got a hang of things. It was such a help with the group I was there with, some of them were experienced climbers, and they would help you if you ever got stuck.

Now, after I was there for four hours, my entire body was sore. It defiantly was a total body workout. Let me put into perspective for you, rock climbing burned more calories then running nine miles, playing racquetball, swimming, riding a bike, playing basketball, and pretty much any other work out you can come up with. I will defiantly be doing some rock climbing for a workout in the near future.

Go on and try it for yourself!

Oh and the best part. Afterwards we went and indulged ourselves in Five Guys Burgers. So much for working off the calories.

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