You Can’t Teach Yourself Soccer.

Photo Via: Jeff Klingler

For those of you who do not personally know me, or are not a common visitor to my blog, I am a college soccer player. Soccer is my life, it always has been. There is nothing like walking onto a field smelling that fresh cut grass, and having the lights shine overhead for a late night game. You then hear that whistle sound for the start of the match, your heart stops, and races, all in the same moment. Then you are immediately in the zone, and there is no one that can bring you down. That is something that never gets old, I crave for that rush every year, every season, every game.

Well, I just transferred to a new school, on behalf a of very long story. I will try to cut it short by just explaining that it did not work out, and I was promised a lot more than was ultimately given. This new school that I am attending, I love.

For the soccer aspect of things, it is a bittersweet awaiting feeling. You see, the school’s soccer record is not the greatest. In fact, it is quite awful. The catch is that we have a ton of talent on the team, but the problem was coaching. For some reason the school thought it would be a good idea to hire a coach that has never played a game of soccer before in their life. You could teach yourself the game, and work your way to the top, but you will never be successful unless you play. No one can understand how to react to a certain situation, unless you have truly played soccer with your heart and soul.

This year is a whole new year for me, as well as the rest of the team. We have a new coach, new team, new goals. I truly do believe we will have such a better season. Wish us luck!

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3 Comments to “You Can’t Teach Yourself Soccer.”

  1. Dad never played soccer…
    He is a great coach,and totally understands the game.

    • Ha, but hannah he has had daughters that played. This guy did not. His “goal” for the game was not to let the other team score “a lot of points.” I mean really? He played one forward, and everyone back, whether they were losing by 5 or not. I mean I could totally understand if that was the formation if we were winning, and the other team was good, then I could see pulling everyone back, but that was not the case. He seriously knew nothing.

      You know I love your dad, and yes, he does know what he is doing.

      Trust me this guy was an idiot. My mom could coach better.

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