Great Weather For The Weekend.

Photo Via: Photobucket

I don’t know where you are, but where I am the weather is fabulous. I hope that all of you gets to have great weather. The sun is out and high in the sky, it is the type of weather that you just crave to be outside at all times. Thank you mother nature for giving me a perfectly warm weekend.

A lovely weekend inspires an escape like this one.

Love all of the colors and the structures of this dress.

We all love to collect something.

The cutest little girl rocking a vintage floral covered swim-cap.

This grand room houses so many opportunities.

Some wedding details that are unique and fun.

Need help on how to wear stripped sweater?

Great photos from everywhere.

The perfect inspirational quote to brighten your day.

Wedding must-haves that are simply stunning.

Since being in college, I can relate to wearing what I slept in out of the house.

How precious are these loving sisters?

Marvelous party idea with handheld pies.

Needed pieces for your closet for the spring season.

Looking cute in rain boots.


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