Sophisticated All Over

I love all of the white and grey. Those colors compliment each other so well, and gives the house a much more sophisticated feel. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I love the stone driveway. Also, the front door is perfect and adds to the whole arch effect in the entrance.

How stunning is this living room? It beholds so much class, I just love how clean cut it looks. Obviously this would not be the perfect living space for children because it would be destroyed in a flash, but I love it. This would be a great room for guest at parties, or to snuggle with your partner by the fire, or to read a book while enjoying the sunlight that those huge windows let in.

The pop of color from the light turquoise chairs is a great touch. The chandelier is to die for! Also, how about that staircase? Gorgeous! I would love to eat breakfast in here on a beautiful morning.

For those of you that don’t know, I love black in a kitchen. Some say that you shouldn’t go with black in the kitchen area because it will show dirt and other God knows what all over. They do have a point, but I love the look of black. The tiling on the wall behind the stove it stunning, I love how it compliments the cabinets.

From a different angle. Storage is a must in a kitchen (well at least at my house), and I believe you can never have too much storage, and this kitchen has it!

Photos Via: Material Girls: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Now ladies, I will let this speak for itself. This is every woman’s dream to have a closet like this, especially a walk-in closet that his large enough to house all of your shoes on display.

I fell in love with this house inside and out. I found it on the Material Girls Blog, in a post titled Home Is Where The Heart Is. You can read the full article on their  blog. Make sure you check out more of their blog, they post truly amazing stuff. They also have a ton of great ideas for upcoming home projects.


4 Comments to “Sophisticated All Over”

  1. This house is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it.

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