Second Guessing.

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Is it possible to know right when you meet the person that you will spend the rest of your life with them? Or, is that feeling something that has to be worked on and wanted. By that I mean, you and your significant other learn from one another, work out your differences, accept one another’s flaws, and grow together. Most of all, you must love one another unconditionally. No matter the circumstances you will know you will always love them in return, and you will receive the same gratifying feeling back. True love, is something you must strive for. It takes work, hard work, and you can’t back out from it. You know that no matter how hard things get or how rocky the road might be ahead of you, you both decide to face things and work it out together. At that moment, you know that no matter what you will always be there for that person, regardless of the situation. They have become such a part of you, that if you ever were separated, you would be incomplete. You must fight for love to last, because no one said it would be easy.

Now my question still remains, can you fall in love with a person that has the potential to take your hand in marriage without the fight? Can you know without working at it, every single day? That is for you to answer because I truly do not know.

When that moment comes, that feeling of knowing you can not picture your life without that person, how are you sure? Have you ever had a second thought of thinking that they might not truly be the one? Maybe, it is the feeling of cold feet. There is that scared thought in the back of the mind, afraid of that huge step of commitment. Is that a normal feeling to have, second guessing thoughts?


2 Comments to “Second Guessing.”

  1. I knew I was going to marry Jake with in a week of dating him. I knew because he was fundamentally different than anyone I had ever dated prior. He wasn’t just exactly what I wanted in a partner he is exactly what I needed. And sometimes those two things don’t cross paths.
    We fight like cats and dogs sometimes, ok we fight more than sometimes. But we love each other enough to make compromises and meet each other half way. Sometimes he gives more, sometimes I give more. You are right on when you said Love is work. In fact, its a continuum of work that BOTH people have to be part of.

    Wishing you luck on your journey 🙂 thanks for the blog love.

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