Music: The Stories Of My Life.

Photo Via: Alvin Lamucho

Music speak through my soul. It has the amazing capabilities to express every emotion that I have within me in a three to four minute song. Any circumstance that anyone goes through in life, there are countless songs that will do the trick, but only one that will grasp your heart and make it sing. I have always wished that I could sing beautifully, but unfortunately I was not blessed with that talent. So, instead, artist do that job for me. There is a song out there for everything, even at the times that are quiet without any definition, they find the words you wish you could. Music is just amazing in that aspect.

I am a music fanatic, and I am always listening to it, and discovering new artist. That is my favorite part of music, finding an artist that is not well-known, and uncovering a song from them that is your heart screaming out. I listen to everything, every genre, any band, any artist. Of course I have my tastes and preferences of who I like and don’t like, but more often then not I will like the tune. It is rare when I find an artist I don’t like, but it does happen.

Most people know me as one with great taste in music, which I like to consider I do, but I will let you be the judge. If anyone ever needs a song they contact me. For instance, if someone is going through something in life, and they just need that one song that stands out to them that will fill in all the blanks, they contact me. For another example, if someone can not find an appropriate song for a specific occasion, they will call me up. All I need is a genre, and what they are looking for, and then I work my magic. You can test me if you would like.

My favorites, boy there are a ton. I try to narrow it down. I am big into bands, and I fall in love with acoustic songs, any acoustic song I usually fall head over heels for. I think maybe because I hope that someone will sing it to me someday. Here are my top 20 favorite songs of all time, (top four are practically tied), it is hard to pick, so the last few are give and take and could be swapped around:

20. Vindicated – Dashboard Confessional.

19. Drops Of Jupiter – Train.

18. All The Same – Sick Puppies.

17. Gone So Young – Amber Pacific.

16. Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard.

15. Stupid Boy – Keith Urban.

14. I’ll Run – The Cab.

13. She Is Love – Parachute.

12. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room – John Mayer.

11. Your Life And Mine – Just Surrender.

10. Change Your Mind – Boyce Avenue.

9. The Space Between – Valencia.

8. Better With You – Five Times August.

7. The Meaning Of Life – Streamline.

6. Meet Virginia – Train.

5. Wonderwall – Oasis.

4. I’ll Be – Edwin McCain.

3. Your Song – Mayday Parade.

2. Iris (City Of Angels) – Goo Goo Dolls.

1. Beauty In The Breakdown – The Scene Aesthetic.


One Comment to “Music: The Stories Of My Life.”

  1. You are so right, music can make everything better. I love that no matter what mood you’re in, there is a perfect song for you. Check out my blog at

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