The Love Day Countdown.

Photo Via: Macy’s

There is only a few days left until Valentines Day. Now I know how the single people out there think, “It’s just another day to remind me that I am single.” or “Valentines Day is overrated.” and so on and so fourth. Well here is a little post for you to hopefully brighten your dreadful thoughts and words of Valentines day. So, I am hoping this will put a hop in your step.

I just adore these two pieces. How cute are these? This could even be perfect for a mother and daughter love (It does not always have to be  just between you and a significant other). Love it! You can get them from, I would advise you to check them out.

A flashy little accessory that you can add to your outfit for Valentines Day. Maybe you won’t receive jewelry from someone for those single out there. There is no problem with being single, so show off your fun loving personality with this sequin headband. And it is only $35.oo. There is even more precious items to choose from, ShopBando. It is a great place to find great accessories, and more!

A great colorful pendant necklace. I don’t know about you, but I have always loved these candies during the loving season. They just have a tendency to put a smile on my face. You can get it from Macy’s for a great price.

This should surely bring out your sexier side. It could suit for just about any occasion by dressing it up with a great heel or dress it down by just wearing it as a comfy night gown. There are so many other items like these at FlirtCatalog.

Now you are filled with more love than you were before. Home your Valentine’s Day will be a good one.


One Comment to “The Love Day Countdown.”

  1. Shout out for me b-day?

    Love your pictures & I hope you’re staying toasty.

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