I Survived The Snowpocalypse

If you did not get hit by the epic ice storm, which was followed by mass amounts of snow, then consider yourself lucky…very lucky. The storm was apparently the biggest storm since 1982. Here are some pictures from people who have gotten hit by the storm.

The church might be on to something. I am ready for some hot weather, how about you?

God Bless the USA

Snowmen taking over the world! (Just imagine how long all of this took).

Lake Shore Drive at rush hour.

I will have to say, who every sculpted this, actually beholds great talent.

Two feet, outrageous! That will take a few days to melt just to get outside.

An ideal college alcohol storage unit. It can hold all you can drink, does not cost extra on your electricity bills, and it keeps the drinks ICE COLD!

Have you seen my Dodge Calliber?

What a great igloo that would be?

Real safe?

Chicago’s snow storm. It looks like a ghost town.

I hope you enjoyed the photos I found! If you would enjoy even more you can go here to the Snowpocalypse Website on Facebook. Also, if you would love to sport that you did in face survive the storm you can order a t-shirt like the one shown below. It’s only $16.00.

Purchase Shirt HERE!

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