Look Ma No Hands

Photo Via: nikki.jane

My first official weekend at my new school was a total and complete success. Everything that could go right, did. Things definitely seem to be looking up for he better. How was your weekend? I hope it was as wonderful, if not better, than mine!

You always want to be That Kind of Woman.

Looking for a great pair of lounge pants, well here they are.

Nothing is more adorable than a baby dressed head to toe in stripes, polka dots, and animal print.

These floral tags are a great addition to any spring time gift.

Loving everything about this classy home, especially the black and white mood.

A winter wonderland wedding planned with perfection.

These pencils, envelopes, and gift wrappings are designed with a great pop of color.

How cute is this little girl dressed up with quite some maturity.

Wonderful designs, wonderful people, wonderful story.

Cute way for a sweet fondue party.

Made By Joel always has great ideas and projects, but I am loving this wire sculpture/art that he has been working on.

This post about pacifier sunglasses would of been perfect for me as a kid, since I was addicted to my pacifier.



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