Giggle Worthy Texts

Oh the wonderful drunk texting disease. We are all guilty of it, some more than others, but it happens. Hopefully it does not get as bad as the picture above, that is crawl in a hole worthy. If you ever need a day brightener I would highly recommend web browsing Texts From Last Night. It will simply put a smile on your face, and make you realize that things can always get worse. Here are some that made me roll over with laughter:

(952): I fed the cats at 7 am, made her eggs, gave her oral, and now I’m helping her clean and baking her brownies. Cosmos got nothing on me.

(319): My mom just set up beer pong in the dining room for family game night. and you ask why I’m still living at home.

(780): She passed out in the backyard, making “face down” snow angels … so they could have a smile.

(619): My professor complimented me on the well drawn penis on my face then asked if I would like a seat closer to the garbage can.

(314): I just found out my mom named me after her fake ID from college…

(724): Just know that as we speak i am injecting vodka into gushers.

(906): he passed out at 11 at a party. he deserved to be stripped down an duct taped to the floor.

Just be happy that it wasnt you.

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