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January 27, 2011

Giggle Worthy Texts

Oh the wonderful drunk texting disease. We are all guilty of it, some more than others, but it happens. Hopefully it does not get as bad as the picture above, that is crawl in a hole worthy. If you ever need a day brightener I would highly recommend web browsing Texts From Last Night. It will simply put a smile on your face, and make you realize that things can always get worse. Here are some that made me roll over with laughter:

(952): I fed the cats at 7 am, made her eggs, gave her oral, and now I’m helping her clean and baking her brownies. Cosmos got nothing on me.

(319): My mom just set up beer pong in the dining room for family game night. and you ask why I’m still living at home.

(780): She passed out in the backyard, making “face down” snow angels … so they could have a smile.

(619): My professor complimented me on the well drawn penis on my face then asked if I would like a seat closer to the garbage can.

(314): I just found out my mom named me after her fake ID from college…

(724): Just know that as we speak i am injecting vodka into gushers.

(906): he passed out at 11 at a party. he deserved to be stripped down an duct taped to the floor.

Just be happy that it wasnt you.

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January 27, 2011

On To The Next.

Photo Via: 1soanes

Its been a week practically since my first day here at my new university in Kentucky, and I absolutely love it. Let me break down the last seven days for you.

School started on Friday, (why it was a must to start on Friday, beats me). My first class ever at my new institution was canceled due to inclement weather, (I wrote about this about three or four posts ago). I then only had three more classes until my first full day was complete, well those three classes turned out to be two. One of my professors could not make it to class due to the weather, so my first day turned out to be wonderful.

The next day I moved in. My family drove down to help me bare the load that was ahead of my to trudge up three flights of stairs. The dorm room was greatly smaller than my previous one, and it felt like that nothing was going to fit. I ended up stacking my bed on cinder blocks, not just one, but three. My bed sat up high enough for me to fit my fridge, shelf, and other storage bins underneath it. Finally I had the space that I was needing. My roommate even loved how I had my bed that she did the same thing. Who would of ever though the usefulness of cinder blocks? Now my roommate and I pray every time we get in and out of bed that one of those cinder blocks don’t slide, God that would be the day.

Oh my roommate! For those of you that know me, one of my first words to her the first night I stayed there was, “Just so you know, I’m a creep, and I am just like the girl in the new upcoming movie Roommate. I might even already have your name as a tattoo.” Classic move by me. She is great! She plays volleyball here at the school, and helps manage the basketball team.¬†Her boyfriend even goes to school back in my hometown, (small world right?).We get along perfectly so far. We watch the same shows, and share the same interests. We even found a great infatuation with Teen Mom and Wife Swap. I teach her to work out, since she does not exactly know what to do in the gym. She is great to be around, and she has been so great with helping me around campus and introducing me to new people. She has been the perfect roommate.

School for the most part is great, but I know that I am going to have my work cut out for me. I am taking Microeconomics, Art History, Environmental Science (with lab included), History of World Civilization, and Intro to Psychology. However, yet again today classes were canceled because of the snow. Oh, how I am loving the snow, because two of my classes got canceled due to it. I could get used to this, (even though I know Spring is right around the corner, let me live in the snowy moment).

Now for the people! Everyone at this school so far is wonderful. I love the new coach, I love the girls on the team, and I love everyone else. The people here in Kentucky are some of the sweetest people that I have ever come across. Everyone made this move prove to me that this was the right choice. They are so welcoming and I feel like I have gone here since the beginning. The girls on the team are wonderful, and I can already tell that I will fit in just fine. All of us are excited about the upcoming season, a new coach, new players, and a whole new attitude. I honestly can not wait until practice, which by the way starts tomorrow.

So as you can tell life is going great for me exceptionally well.

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