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January 21, 2011

Starbucks: Brings Me Here To You

My life at the moment has been busy beyond belief. I just officially got enrolled into my new university as of yesterday, and classes start today. On Wednesday night I packed my life away. I was up until three in them morning stuffing clothes and other belongings into tubs and boxes. I did this only to wake up at six to pack the car and departure for Kentucky. As nice as my family is to me, my father woke up my younger brothers from their snow day off to make them help me load up the car.

When I left my house there was already an inch of snow on the ground, and we were expecting six. Well let me tell you, we received six inches alright, and I drove through every bit of it. I had to practically clean out my pants when I almost slid into the back of a semi that was starting to jack-knife.

I luckily arrived at school and got everything squared away. I found out my roommate, who was not expecting a roommate, so when I met her and our room her stuff was everywhere. She even had her clothes in my closet and both beds pushed together to make one big bed. I did not mind, actually I found it quite humorous. We did pounce her about her receiving a roommate, so the room being a mess was understandable. She is a sweetheart and I think we will work out great. I also found out my classes, which are not as bad as I expected, but not fantastic either. All of my classes are held on MWF, except for one. My work load is going to be a hassle, but hopefully I can deal with it. Everyone at the University is so kind and helpful with everything. They certainly made me feel welcome.

I do have an eight o’clock class, which I don’t mind. I like getting my classes out of the way. I got up early this morning to go to my eight o’clock Intro to Psychology. Well once there I was informed that classes were canceled until nine due to the snow. Thank you six inches of snow I drove through, I knew you could come through to be a positive for me. Now that I had plenty of time since my next class was not until ten! So to kill time I drove around until I found a Starbucks! That is what brings me here to you, I love Starbucks for their wifi. So until my ten o’clock I will slowly sip on my caramel frap while eating a breakfast sandwich.

This day is looking good for me already, so lets hope it continues.

Photo Via: Jöyköping