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January 15, 2011

Winter Reads.

During the long wintery months, at times it’s hard to find things to fulfill my day. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the winter, however, you know as well as I do that the cold weather is an easy cop-out to stay a little extra longer underneath a warm blanket. I have fallen victim to hitting the snooze to catch a few more zzz’s after I peek outside to see snow on the ground. “Just a five more minutes,” I always say. And we all know that those five minutes turn into ten, and before I know it I am running late, so I get up to a rush of a morning start.

The aftermath of the ice storm.

On weekends I try to keep myself occupied, instead of falling back onto lazy habits. I do the whole work out scene, in hopes to keep the weight off from the holiday food overload. I love to read, when I find the time. I am so busy with the chaos of life that I hardly ever have a moment to spare. Most of the time I will pick a Cosmopolitan when I am out at the store and flip through it while I stand in line to check out. Sometimes, it’s rare, but sometimes when I do catch a break, I will start a book to escape reality for just a little while, until I get that jolt back to reality. Usually when I pick up a book it is hard for me to put it down, only because I know if I put it down that the outcome of me picking it back up later to finish is unlikely.  This leaves me  with many unfinished projects, which I am not very proud of saying, but screw it, life goes on. Right?

Here are some books that I have finished quite recently (I say this with great pride). Some are still in the works, and one has yet to come.

Good reads of mine: Past. Present. And future.

I am a fan of Jodi Picoult, and I have read many of her books. She has an amazing talent and it is always hard for me to put one of her books down. For those of you who have yet to heard of her, some of her works turned into films. Her most recent book-gone-film is My Sisters Keeper. It was a great movie, but for those who read the book, I hope you resented the movie as much as I did. Never have I before stood up in the middle of a theater and yelled, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” It was one of the worst endings to a movie I have ever witnessed. Now, I know what you are thinking, I thought it was a good movie. Then, you must be one of the many who decided to skip out on the long road of reading and head straight for the movie. On your behalf I won’t ruin the epic change.  If you do decide to read the book, recap on the movie, then try to tell me it was a great flick to catch and cry over. Flabbergasted is currently one of my unfinished projects, but I am working on it. I received that one as a gift from my aunt for Christmas, so far I am really enjoying the novel. Then comes Miss. Chelsea Handler. I watch her late night talk show as if it was my baptized religion. I have yet to read this book, but it is defiantly next on my list. I can almost assure you that if you wanted a good, solid read that will make you bust a gut laughing, this would be your pick.

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to catch up on my winter reading. I would love that more than anything at this moment.

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