Hello Blogging World.

So this is what it is like, writing a post in a blog? Opening lines can make you or break you I believe. I never really know what to exactly say, everything seems to just spill out in its own fashion. That can get me in trouble from day to day situations, but I did not want to start out my new blog with a cliché “Hello!” or “Hi, how ya doing?” I wanted to break out of that uncomfortable “Hey” then not knowing what comes next to follow up my introduction. The following step is even harder than the introduction itself. It is now time to choose which path to take down the road of conversation. You want to leave a good lasting impression by the time you are finished, without leaving the other person scared out of their whits running in the opposite direction from you. One tries to be funny, not awkward. One tries to be intelligent and intellectual, and then ends up choking on their own word vomit. Instead with my approach to this blog I am hoping to avoid that whole cluster-fuck of a situation all together by bypassing through the Hello how are you’s to the solid beginning of my blogging life.

I have never really understood the meaning of “blogging,” until recently. I have now become very intrigued with the whole new idea. A very good friend of mine got me hooked. She is a usual blogger, and her guiltiest pleasure is to search out wedding blogs, and other blogs that grasp her attention. At first I never understood her obsession, but before long I was just as interested in blogging as she was.

I am a college student, and this is only another online engine to blame upon my lack of focus and studies. This will only fuel my procrastination ways and before long I will probably be failing out of school, and my reasoning “Sorry, I was blogging and lost track of time.”

I have a feeling that somewhere down the road I will be in this woman’s shoes.
(Well if I have not sold my shoes by that point).

Now that the nerve wracking part is out of the way, welcome to my blog.

Here is where I will spill my lessons learned, thoughts, ideas, or whatever else I personally desire from which I discover everyday. Keep up if you can.

My mind wonders, and I get off track of the main topic of the situation. I began writing when I was a kid, and I have always found a passion for it. On numerous occasions I have been told to write a book, and maybe later on down the line I will. If it sells, who the hell cares, but at least one person buys it I will be satisfied. Unlike most and like most, I am very close with my family. My mother and father are known for their “Good Morning Breakfasts’.” They have raised me to be an outspoken female that can depend on no one but herself. I love music, photographs, and inspiring quotes, they feed my soul. Many things grasp my attention, and I have a tendency of thinking far outside of the box. The simplest form of something can completely move me, but there is also something about a subjects complexity that can pull me in. I hope to leave at least one person with a little more insight than they had before, lift someone’s spirits, put a smile on a person’s face, or all of the above would be good too. Until that defying moment, this is my grand entrance to the world of blogging. Hello, it’s nice to meet you.


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